• Graphic Design Website Design Philadelphia
  • Tuesday, 24 April 2018 :: 02:16 am


  • We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project, your organization and market needs. Based on the criteria derived from this meeting we define an overall scope and clear objectives for the project.


  • The proposal, presented online or in person for your review, outlines the fee structure and a phased schedule within the scope defined in the initial meeting. Upon your approval, we proceed to initiate the project.


    Every project goes through systematic phasing beginning with:
  • Phase one, in which complete information and content for the given project is gathered and new content developed where necessary.
  • Phase two covers the development of informed and appropriate design solutions. After reviews and final decisions, we proceed to the final production phase. We strive to strictly adhere to the budgets and schedule defined within the proposal.
  • Phase three, the final production phase, begins once final approvals have been granted to proceed with production of all components. We employ the highest standards of quality control in this phase to assure the delivery of an excellent final product.