• Graphic Design Website Design Philadelphia
  • Tuesday, 24 April 2018 :: 02:20 am

Polite Design Incorporated (now Sonali Nande Graphic Design), based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has designed and implemented highly successful projects across multiple media for clients ranging from small and midsize companies to global corporations spanning a diverse range of industries.

Our goal is to make our clients happy with their investment. We value our clients’ time and business. We value relationships and knowledge. We understand the power of design and its role in communication. Systematic planning, inventiveness, and the pursuit of excellence lie at the core of our design philosophy and approach. All other steps are focused on creating highly customized design applications for our clients to help them achieve a strong and unique market presence. We are valued for our design sensibilities, technical expertise, and our dedication to responsive service.

As a multidisciplinary web design and graphic design firm, Polite Design Inc specializes in the design, planning and consultancy for all visual communications materials of companies, organizations and institutions of varied sizes. These materials include corporate identity, branding, website design and planning, content and web development, interactive design, information architecture, product literature, advertising, events design and environmental design.

Before beginning a project, we conduct thorough research to gain a sound understanding of our clients’ organizations, their markets and audiences, their current and projected needs, and final project objectives. From this information we formulate unique visual strategies that become viable and profitable sales tools for our clients. At the onset of every project we define clear budgets and schedules and adhere to them. Delivering a project on time and on budget is as important to us as the mark of excellence in the final design and production of any project. We dedicate the highest standards of quality and service to everything we do.